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A word by the CEO

Welcome to AGILIS!


We are not only consultants, but also entrepreneurs!


At the first glance, we are a classic management consultancy with a 360° approach. Thanks to our knowledge, our experience, our creativity and our network, we are doctors for companies, coaches for teams and midwifes for the successful businesses of tomorrow.


And sometimes even matchmakers.


However, we are also entrepreneurs. In our nursery, we invent new business ideas and implement them with our management consulting background, at our own risk or together with partners.


Whether you are customer, partner or both: at AGILIS, you can not only expect knowledge and skills, but also humanism, loyalty and commitment. I personally put my name and my reputation!


We are looking forward to meet you and to learn more about your current and future challenges!


Christophe Berger

Founder and CEO


Coming over for a coffee?