Make Corporate Change happen

Even with the most sophisticated change plan, resistance frequently forms during implementation. Change Fatigue is another frequent phenomenon. Therefore, it is not surprising that 60%-70% of transformation projects do not reach their objectives

**In taking Culture as backbone of Change, combined, obviously, with appropriate technical and managerial competence, the success rate and the speed of transformation can be increased significantly, as the people will engage for the change instead of trying to avoid or jeopardize it. **

Why is it important?

To sustain competitive advantage, the ability to make change happen is crucial, especially in today's highly dynamic economic, social, and political context. Failure in conducting transformation leads to financial losses and - even worse - impacts competitiveness, as well as mid- and long-term development.

What is our value add?

It is obvious that change requires a clear strategy, SMART objectives, a purpose, a plan plus the mastery of all "technical" aspects. However, change will only happen and sustain if it is not only accepted but promoted by the people. For this reason, we at AGILIS conduct change projects by leveraging our Culture Management and Change Framework.

In adding this dimension and in involving and mobilizing people at all levels in a structured and professional way, momentum is building-up to reach the change objectives, increase the speed of change and make the organisation ready for future change.

What is the impact for you?

Besides executing the next step of the corporate transformation with success, the approach also increases the ability of the company to cope efficiently with future change. This brings two distinct advantages to our customers: they can quickly neutralize threats, and they are much more likely to grasp opportunities, leading to improvement in financial results and more solid growth.

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