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The western world has evolved significantly over the last decades, and new views on the why and how of economic activity arise. The purpose is no longer just to create material wealth, it's about sense-making for the individual and the community.

If companies want to attract and retain talent, as well as customers, in the long run, purpose becomes much and more important. It is therefore important that purpose is clearly defined and declined in communication and operations.

Why is it important?

A clearly defined purpose gives direction and momentum and is an important identification factor for the people. As such, it directly influences employee engagement, emotional bond with the company and connected HR KPIs like long-term absenteeism and staff turnover. It can also be a solid differentiator in the market and contribute to customer acquisition and retention.

What is our value add?

At AGILIS, we believe that involving people in such important topics like Purpose is crucial as it ensures authenticity, adhesion, and momentum. In a facilitated process of Co-Creation amongst all levels of hierarchy, all locations and all sectors of a company, purpose is shaped, contextualised and consequences on communication, leadership, processes, and procedures are elaborated, together with a gap analysis. An implementation plan states the steps to be taken to make the newly elaborated purpose effective. A series of business KPIs make sure that the exercise is viable also from an economic standpoint.

What is the impact for you?

Companies that formulate and promote a clear purpose created with the involvement of the people benefit from numerous positive returns. On a qualitative side, we can name higher employee engagement, higher customer satisfaction, a stronger brand, and a clear differentiation in the market. But this focus and momentum has also a positive impact on important KPIs like employee engagement, recruiting performance and employee turnover.

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