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A positive corporate culture is the most important asset of any company and crucial to make Change successful. Culture has also a significant impact on many HR KPIs - and, in turn, a significant financial influence - for the good and the bad.

However, culture cannot be proclaimed by decree - the buy-in must happen in the minds and hearts of all employees. The good news: it is perfectly possible to conduct Culture Change in a structured, predictable, and sustainable way.

Why is it important?

Culture has a direct influence on employee engagement, staff turnover, absenteeism, and recruitment performance. Culture is also an important part of the employer brand. Finally, change is only possible if culture is managed and enhanced. To sum it up: culture is one of the most powerful levers to make your company successful.

What is our value add?

Over the years, we at AGILIS have developed a comprehensive Culture Change Framework offering a structured, software-controlled method to successfully conceive and execute Culture Change at scale.

Distinctive features are a bottom-up-top-down approach, a rich content library to stimulate Culture Change in collaborative workshops, and a strong focus on Co-Creation. Each project ends with a transition phase enabling our customer to maintain and further develop their corporate culture without external support.

What is the impact for you?

Companies that recognize Culture as a key asset and manage the topic proactively benefit from numerous positive returns. On a qualitative side, we can name higher employee engagement, higher customer satisfaction, higher quality, and a more attractive employer brand.

But good corporate culture has also a positive impact on important KPIs - here is a real-world example: one of our customers with about 9'000 employees managed to bring down unwanted staff turnover from 11.5 to 6% thanks to Culture Change - which saves more than 30 million EUR per year! This illustrates well that Culture Management is not just an ethical duty but has also its own business case. Finally, corporate culture has a direct impact on the ability of a company to successfully implement change.

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