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Draw your way into the future!


Strategy development and execution is solid craftsmanship, paired with knowledge, creativity and perspicacity. AGILIS has a comprehensive framework for strategy development that makes the process not only efficient and effective, but also dynamic. This is a significant contribution to enterprise agility.

We put particular emphasis on levers and accelerators that enable you to grow well beyond the market average.

AGILIS accompanies and moderates the process of strategy development and enables you to take over ownership of this critical process after a transition phase.

Keep growing ...


Digitalization promises amazing business perspectives, thanks to seamless digital integration and interaction, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and other novelties. This is exciting for start-ups, but threatening for well-established organisations as they must combine the assets of the past with the potential of the future.

Begin able to embrace the digital world is mandatory for almost any company. But if "digital" is treated as an add-on to the traditional approach, success is very unlikely: a company should not define a "digital strategy", but make sure that the core strategy works in the digital world. This requires a solid operational basis, combined with the enabling of agility throughout the entire organisation.

AGILIS helps you to identify your current position in the digital world, to elaborate a strategy ready for the digital world and to implement everything you need to become successful in tomorrow's world. This allows you to take the threat that emanates from digitization to convert into an opportunity for growth and sustainability.

Solid foundations for digital success ...


Operational efficiency is a concept coming from the manufacturing industry - it is the relationship between input and outcome for a given activity. AGILIS's team has successfully integrated large scale operational efficiency measurement and improvement programmes for various industries.

However, the approach can also be applied to organisations that do not have an industrial production. By measuring your current effort, setting benchmarks and define a clear improvement roadmap covering processes, tools and people, it becomes possible to increase the maturity and stability of your organisation while - sometimes significantly - decreasing your cost.

Besides these direct benefits, an optimal operational efficiency is also a prime condition for success in the digital world: as a matter of fact, if the core is not stable, corporate agility becomes very difficult. Therefore, AGILIS helps you to become a little more productive every day, thus creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the mid and long run.

Be bold - but protect yourself!


Risk Management is a comprehensive science and a continual process, however, very often executed in a static way. While this was acceptable in yesterday's world, the complexity, speed and dimension of the digital world set a whole new scenario regarding risk management.

Only a comprehensive framework allowing to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks - in real time and with self-learning capabilities - will allow you to successfully cope with the threats of the digital world.

AGILIS applies a unique approach - combining a clear risk management process with a tool set for risk management - including Big Data and smart code - and automatic escalation. This allows to identify threats as soon as they see the world and can immediately take remedial action.

Get your business back on track!


When things are going wrong, it is crucial to act quickly, efficiently and effectively. In a turnaround situation, a first analysis must confirm the intrinsic profitability and viability of the company. In case of a positive check, a short-term stabilisation ensures continuity, followed by a strategic reorientation where the company can refocus on growth and differentiation.

AGILIS's team has a comprehensive experience with turnaround situations and the necessary resources get back on track even companies with massive problems. If we identify a potential in a company with difficulties, we are also ready to invest or to adopt schemes with deferred remuneration.

This gives you the assurance that we are really serious about what we are saying and allows to recreate value for all stakeholders.