Are you ready 

for your success?

AGILIS is a Swiss-based consulting and service provider supporting customers to resolve problems and to improve their success and sustainability in their respective markets. 

AGILIS has the experience and the knowledge to make you more efficient and focused. We offer strategic intelligence, operational excellence and digital expertise. 

AGILIS' comprehensive range of services decreases your cost, increases your efficiency and sharpens your strategic focus.

AGILIS is strongly inspired by the values of entrepreneurship and runs its own nursery where we imagine new ventures and make them happen. 

We consider the challenges of our customers as our own. Out-of-the box thinking, creativity, wealth of experience and thought advice are essential ingredients of the formula for success we offer to our customers.


The business world has become complex: global competition erodes margins, talent becomes rare and disruption threatens each and every business.

Only organisations with a solid execution framework, the ability to retain key players and the capability to constantly morph to remain at the edge of the market will be able to survive and grow.


Provided they are able to implement the right key employee retention strategies.


We enable our customers to combine stable operations with the ability to cope with every future challenge they may encounter in their respective markets. 


We call this a state of stable agility - a critical factor for sustainable success.


This approach may look contradictory at the first glance! However, it would be our pleasure how you can use this apparent contradiction to your advantage!