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We are a Management Consultancy based in Switzerland. We support mid-sized and large national and international customers in their transformation and consider Culture as the most powerful vector for change.

Our tagline reflects our end-to-end approach:

We have a resolutely anthropocentric approach and believe that strategy, culture, and operational excellence must not only be well-geared, but supported by authenticity and high ethical standards. When working with people, we put an important focus on the synergies between generations. From Boomers to Generation Z: every wave has something to say and there are plenty of opportunities for mutual learning and growth.

A strong focus on the right balance between the business case and a humanistic approach makes sure that all stakeholders see the value of the change and support it. Each of our projects is tailored to your needs and situation – but highly cost-effective and scalable. This is possible thanks to our comprehensive change framework reuniting methods and processes, content, software, and other tools.

Our overall objective is to initiate a virtuous cycle that enables you to secure and further develop the achievements without external support. This increases your corporate resilience and secures the investment in the long run.

Culture: the essential ingredient for success!

Do you want to make sure that your strategy works? Do you want to speed up your digital transformation? Do you want everyone in your team pulling in the same direction? Or do you have a problem with unwanted attrition that you want to tackle at the root?

All these challenges require differentiated responses and expert advice.

However, there is one ingredient that greatly increases your speed and effectiveness: Culture Management.

At AGILIS, we combine solid consulting expertise, years of experience and perfect mastery of the topic of corporate culture. This brings the right solutions to the game and makes sure that everyone adheres to the objectives and supports them.

Passion led us here!

The Generational Gap has become a reality!

The issue of the Generation Gap at work has become a hot topic in today's world. For the first time, we are faced with a workforce that spans up to five different generations, some with completely different attitudes to work and career.

This can create tensions and impact on the ability of companies to attract and retain young talent - people who often have much needed knowledge and skills. This is particularly problematic given the war for talent that we are currently facing.

How well do you know the generation gap in general and Generation Z in particular? Have fun with our Great Generation Quiz!

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Staff turnover - costly and damaging

Staff turnover is sometimes perceived as positive, as it can bring new dynamism and competence into a team.

Unwanted staff turnover, however, can cost your company dearly: It slows down teams, affects efficiency, delays projects and jeopardises the achievement of operational and project goals. At the same time, there are also significant costs associated with it, as unproductive time has to be spent on handovers and training.

To help you estimate what the direct costs of staff turnover are in your organisation, we have developed an interactive calculator for this topic. After entering a few data, the tool gives you a reliable statement of the minimum costs attributable to staff turnover in your organisation.

Go to the staff turnover calculator


We are grateful for those kind words that reflect our work and the way we approach our projects and customers. Working in the interest of our customers at all levels is our highest priority.

The capacity of the AGILIS team to analyse a company holistically, i.e. not only on a financial and process level, but also on a humanistic level, was for us a precious help when aiming to change the corporate culture within our company. AGILIS provided the board with precise information that could convince not only the Directors but also the managers and front-line workers. They knew how to interact with each and every stakeholder. Great job!

Damien L., CFO

AGILIS SA is a trustworthy partner with whom I enjoy working. The values of AGILIS are reflected in the way the team works and tackles important large-scale projects. Even under pressure, the team remains open-minded, efficient, and people-oriented. Together, we were able to meet the objectives and satisfy our clients thanks to the competencies and the polyvalence of the team. Moreover, AGILIS was able to create digital tools from scratch to support the management of the time and resources.

Dominique D., Senior HR Strategy Consultant

I have to say that you organise and run your workshops in a formidable way. When attending your seminars, it feels like having a interesting conversation: you manage to captivate us by telling us something and not simply sharing content. For these experiences and growth opportunities, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Veronique Z., Assistant to the Board

THANK YOU! Even when having to face the pandemic, your team managed to maintain the momentum, implement the changes throughout the company… and do a great job, even in the virtual world. Your energy was contagious and you motivated me even via a camera and a screen!"

Carla M., Head of Customer Service

We were completely surprised by the pandemic and not at all prepared to involve our staff via home office.

AGILIS proved to us in their project that it is possible to switch from an offline to an online approach within a few days and also showed that even complex facilitation works in virtual space. This was a great inspiration for us and helped us considerably to introduce the new forms of work for daily business as well.

Stefan S., Chief Financial Officer

Most people see culture as something that is subliminally there but difficult to grasp. Defining and measuring hard KPIs that expressed our cultural carences in Swiss francs and made the progress in our culture change programme financially provable was a stroke of genius. It allowed us to convince our Board of Directors to release the necessary funds, as the business case was more than convincing.

Markus K., Head of Human Resources

A small selection of reference projects

We are fortunate to have had (and still have) the opportunity to realise very interesting and challenging projects for our clients. Each of these projects has not only solved one or more of our clients' problems, but also provided us with further knowledge, experience and insight. Below you will find a small choice of typical projects by AGILIS in anonymised form. We are at your disposal for further insights. And we never forget: the most exciting project is always the next one!

Culture change from A to Z
Culture change from A to Z
Alignement of 8 sister-companies
Alignement of 8 sister-companies
Empathic customer correspondence
Empathic customer correspondence
Allow innovation
Make innovation happen

A health provider had to fight with very high unwanted attrition, absenteeism, low operational efficiency, and lack of alignment across the divisions. The main underlying reasons for this situation were several subsequent shifts of the upper management, a silo culture, as well as weak HR processes.

The new CEO decided to conduct a comprehensive transformation programme along 6 axes – one of them being “Culture Change”. AGILIS took up the challenge and led, over 24 months, a four step Culture Change initiative. After the discovery phase that included a systemic ecosystem analysis, the "new" culture and values were defined in Co-Creation with ambassadors representing all levels, departments and locations of the company. The redefinition of the values was based on the company DNA, but put in the current context and special attention was given to practicality and clarity for all stakeholders and layers of the company. During the implementation phase, important elements like leadership style, organisation, HR processes, business processes, internal communication, and the physical environment were evolving towards the new culture. At the end of the project, a small internal team was trained and handed over all tools and assets to continue, in an autonomous way, to manage Corporate Culture as important asset of the company.

The outcome of the project was well beyond expectations: HR KPIs improved dramatically, bringing yearly savings of almost 20 million EUR thanks to reduced cost of unwanted attrition, the initiative supported transformation which was done within time and budget, and the staff satisfaction improved by 54%.

Member of the Swiss Association of Management Consultants

AGILIS is a member of ASCO (Association of Management Consultants Switzerland), the umbrella association of Management consultants in Switzerland. ASCO is part of the ecosystem of Expertsuisse and complements their accounting, tax and audit practice with a strategic and business-oriented perspective.

ASCO is a co-founder and member of the European umbrella organisation FEACO Fédération Européenne des Associations de Conseil en Organisation based in Brussels and a member of ICMCI International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, the global association for quality assurance in management consulting based in the USA. AGILIS follows the ASCO Code of Ethics and participates, within the framework of the association, in the discussion of current topics in the world of business consulting and thus contributes to the development of answers to the challenges of tomorrow.

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