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Transformation must not only be well planned, but also implemented effectively, efficiently, and sustainably. Profound expertise in the respective areas, comprehensive digital knowledge and a clear business focus allows to elaborate a sound solution from a "technical" standpoint.

However, Change will only be effective if it is supported by the people. For this reason, AGILIS puts a special accent on Culture Change and the mobilisation of all levers and accelerators that improve and speed up the adoption by the concerned stakeholders.

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Make Corporate Change happen

We support you in the execution of your change projects!

Even with the most sophisticated change plan, resistance frequently forms during implementation. Change Fatigue is another frequent phenomenon. Therefore, it is not surprising that 60%-70% of transformation projects do not reach their objectives

In taking Culture as backbone of Change, combined, obviously, with appropriate technical and managerial competence, the success rate and the speed of transformation can be increased significantly, as the people will engage for the change instead of trying to avoid or jeopardize it.

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Make Culture Change happen

Develop your corporate culture together with us!

A positive corporate culture is the most important asset of any company and crucial to make Change successful. Culture has also a significant impact on many HR KPIs - and, in turn, a significant financial influence - for the good and the bad.

However, culture cannot be proclaimed by decree - the buy-in must happen in the minds and hearts of all employees. The good news: it is perfectly possible to conduct Culture Change in a structured, predictable, and sustainable way.

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Ensure Cultural Fit M&A

We help you to ensure Cultural Fit in your M&A activities!

More than 40% of M&A failures are due to cultural mismatch. This should give pause for thought, as acquisitions always require significant financial investments that are to be protected.

It is possible to mitigate these risks through a structured Culture Due Diligence that unveils potential Culture Conflicts, as well as the most appropriate path to merge both cultures to a unique, effective Corporate Culture allowing to deploy the synergies and other positive effects of the acquisition.

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