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In times of war for talent, attracting and retaining the right people is crucial. However, this can be complex: the power of attraction of a company is not only influenced by brand and marketing, but by the personal experiences of customers, candidates, employees, and former employees made visible by the transparency of Internet.

Only a systemic approach, based on a thorough analysis of the seen and unseen, will bring the improvement to increase the employer attractiveness reasonably quickly and in a sustainable way.

Why is it important?

The attraction of a company to talented people depends on many factors. While total compensation and terms and conditions are the first things that come to mind, they are far from the most important. Company culture, sense of community, opportunities for advancement, sense of purpose and reputation are equally important - if not more, especially in the eyes of younger generations.

It is important to manage all the elements that affect your company's reputation as an employer. And it is important to understand that the ability to attract talent is closely linked to the ability to retain talent. Hence, managing employer attractiveness means ensuring the future of your company.

What is our value add?

At AGILIS, we believe that involving people in a topic that directly shapes their everyday lives is crucial, as it helps to find the right elements while creating the momentum for change. In a facilitated co-creation process involving a selection of people from all hierarchical levels, all locations and all areas of a company, the different phases of the Employee Experience are discussed together with all other elements that influence employer attractiveness.

A very pragmatic collective approach to gap analysis, cost-benefit assessment, prioritisation and implementation leads to a clear roadmap supported by all, which can then be implemented. A set of business metrics ensures that the project is also feasible from an economic perspective.

What is the impact for you?

By attracting the people and retaining knowledgeable individuals, you will maintain your competitive advantage, gain in expertise, meet your time to market expectations and enhance the brand image on a whole new level.

You will see your team cohesion rise, as well as the overall efficiency, team spirit and collaboration.

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