Get your team pulling together!

Companies with effective and natural teamwork perform better than others and clearly have a competitive advantage. However, team spirit is a fragile thing and is often the first element impacted by change.

The good news: team spirit, team alignment and collaboration can be improved, and it is even possible to get dysfunctional teams back on track.

Why is it important?

Teamwork is the essence of success: the more aligned, the more federated, the more inspired a team is, the better the output. However, past negative events, change fatigue, collaboration issues or basic communication problems may severely impact the quality of the exchanges and relations between co-workers - thus becoming a major pain point not only for the managers, but also for the rest of the staff

If the root causes for issues in teamwork are not tackled, the situation may deteriorate and result in dysfunctional teams or even dysfunctional departments, which in turn leads to absenteeism, unwanted attrition, and low output.

What is our value add?

At AGILIS, we use proven engagement techniques to create awareness, aptitude, and momentum to make your team evolve together and in the same direction. To do so, we combine several interaction formats and channels: workshops, individual frontline work on important subjects, feedback rounds, coaching and digital engagement tools.

The topics to be included depend on the concrete situation – we usually conduct a discovery phase to understand the visible and hidden dynamics and main pain points within your team, but also the positive and negative forces acting on collaboration quality. Based on this analysis, AGILIS defines a sequence of interaction tailored according to your concrete situation and including content that is relevant to support the change in the minds, the behaviour and the attitude. The key element – which makes our approach unique – is a strong focus on Co-Creation. Hence, the solution is coming from the team and AGILIS is just the catalyst to make things evolve.

What is the impact for you?

The main advantage of having a cohesive team is that every individual within it will look in the same direction, work efficiently in a positive work environment, support each other during rougher time, and be a pillar on which you will be able to count in situations of major change or, in worse cases, a crisis.

As manager, you will be able to focus on what you really need to do and less on conflict resolution or finding new and original ways to motivate people. With a united team, you will be able to reach your objectives in a positive, fulfilling and professional atmosphere.

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