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Welcome to AGILIS!


We are consultants. But we are also entrepreneurs!


At the first glance, we are a classic management consultancy with a 360° approach. Thanks to our knowledge, our experience, our creativity and our network, we are doctors for companies, coaches for teams and midwifes for the successful businesses of tomorrow.


And sometimes even matchmakers.


However, we are also entrepreneurs. In our nursery, we invent new business ideas and implement them with our management consulting background, at our own risk or together with partners.


Whether you are customer, partner or both: at AGILIS, you can not only expect knowledge and skills, but also humanism, loyalty and commitment. I personally put my name and my reputation!


We are looking forward to meet you and to learn more about your current and future challenges!

Warm regards

Christophe Berger

Founder and CEO


Who we are

AGILIS is a Swiss-based consulting and service provider helping customers to resolve critical problems and to improve their success and sustainability in their respective markets. We consider the challenges of our customers as our own. Out-of-the box thinking, creativity, wealth of experience and thought advice are essential ingredients of the formula for success we offer to our customers.


Expertise in analysing, conceiving & doing.

Empathy + Experience + Commitment = Sustainable Value


Many organisations follow the classic cycle of strategy definition, strategy execution and continual optimisation. However, in the digital world, these stages occur all but in a linear way, and many managers are overwhelmed by speed and complexity when it comes to decision-making.


Our 360° approach aims to control all relevant dimension at every moment. The right methods and tools enable the people behind the organisation to cope with the complexity and the rapid evolution in their ecosystem.


Consequently, almost every of our project comprehends one or several competence domains, as we firmly believe that most of the challenges need a holistic rather than a specialised approach.


Draw your way into the future!


Strategy development and execution is solid craftsmanship, paired with knowledge, creativity and perspicacity. AGILIS has a comprehensive framework for strategy development that makes the process not only efficient and effective, but also dynamic. This is a significant contribution to enterprise agility.

We put particular emphasis on levers and accelerators that enable you to grow well beyond the market average.

AGILIS accompanies and moderates the process of strategy development and enables you to take over ownership of this critical process after a transition phase.


Keep growing ...


Digitalization promises amazing business perspectives, thanks to seamless digital integration and interaction, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and other novelties. This is exciting for start-ups, but threatening for well-established organisations as they must combine the assets of the past with the potential of the future.

Begin able to embrace the digital world is mandatory for almost any company. But if "digital" is treated as an add-on to the traditional approach, success is very unlikely: a company should not define a "digital strategy", but make sure that the core strategy works in the digital world. This requires a solid operational basis, combined with the enabling of agility throughout the entire organisation.

AGILIS helps you to identify your current position in the digital world, to elaborate a strategy ready for the digital world and to implement everything you need to become successful in tomorrow's world. This allows you to take the threat that emanates from digitization to convert into an opportunity for growth and sustainability.


Solid foundations for digital success ...


Operational efficiency is a concept coming from the manufacturing industry - it is the relationship between input and outcome for a given activity. AGILIS's team has successfully integrated large scale operational efficiency measurement and improvement programmes for various industries.

However, the approach can also be applied to organisations that do not have an industrial production. By measuring your current effort, setting benchmarks and define a clear improvement roadmap covering processes, tools and people, it becomes possible to increase the maturity and stability of your organisation while - sometimes significantly - decreasing your cost.

Besides these direct benefits, an optimal operational efficiency is also a prime condition for success in the digital world: as a matter of fact, if the core is not stable, corporate agility becomes very difficult. Therefore, AGILIS helps you to become a little more productive every day, thus creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the mid and long run.


Be bold - but protect yourself!


Risk Management is a comprehensive science and a continual process, however, very often executed in a static way. While this was acceptable in yesterday's world, the complexity, speed and dimension of the digital world set a whole new scenario regarding risk management.

Only a comprehensive framework allowing to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks - in real time and with self-learning capabilities - will allow you to successfully cope with the threats of the digital world.

AGILIS applies a unique approach - combining a clear risk management process with a tool set for risk management - including Big Data and smart code - and automatic escalation. This allows to identify threats as soon as they see the world and can immediately take remedial action.


Get your business back on track!


When things are going wrong, it is crucial to act quickly, efficiently and effectively. In a turnaround situation, a first analysis must confirm the intrinsic profitability and viability of the company. In case of a positive check, a short-term stabilisation ensures continuity, followed by a strategic reorientation where the company can refocus on growth and differentiation.

AGILIS's team has a comprehensive experience with turnaround situations and the necessary resources get back on track even companies with massive problems. If we identify a potential in a company with difficulties, we are also ready to invest or to adopt schemes with deferred remuneration.

This gives you the assurance that we are really serious about what we are saying and allows to recreate value for all stakeholders.



We are your partner with a sense of responsibility.

Passion for Excellence + Solid Processes + digitalisation = Sustainable Value

AGILIS SERVICES offers a wide range of professional services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.

Our service offerings are based on solid frameworks of methods, tools and knowledge - which is the ideal starting point for an effective and efficient project. However, each case is unique - and it's the creativity and experience of our consultants that will make our methods work in real life.


The answers to your challenges.


Professionalism, judgment, communication, empathy, expert knowledge and accountability: these qualities are crucial for any management consultant. For this reason, we hand-pick our consultants for any engagement and make sure that you are not only getting consulting, but credible consulting.

While we think that the quality and seniority of the people you will see in our engagements is crucial, we also believe that four, six or eight eyes see more than two. For this reason, each active consultant has a designated mentor and coach who makes sure that you do not only benefit from the skills of a single person, but from the wisdom of an entire organisation.

Finally, organisational knowledge is important to us. For this reason, we emphasize on continually elaborating frameworks, approaches and other assets that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our consulting services. As a customer, you can benefit from this collected knowledge and be sure that you will get best-of-breed advice and action.


Ensure continuity - and enable change!


There are situations where a crisis, a change or a transition causes a gap at the management level of an organisation. That’s where Interim Management can not only ensure continuity, but also prepare the organisation for the mid- and long-term future.

AGILIS has a unique approach for interim management: after an initial 360° assessment of the situation, we select the right heavyweight interim executive manager. He takes full accountability for the task, but he is backed up by a team of proven experts in their respective domains. This collaborative approach has proven being much more sustainable and effective than the assignment of a "lone fighter".

The main objective in interim management is to enable the organisation to rapidly find a permanent manager and to make sure that the state of the organisation is such that a qualified person can initiate a bright journey to the future rather than to cope with the problems of the past.


Efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability!


Software Development and Integration has incredibly evolved since the democratisation of the Personal Computer. Technology has become much more powerful, but complexity has increased even more due to the nature of a connected world.

AGILIS's team has decades of experience in Software Development and implementation and has elaborated an execution framework focusing on the most critical elements of the value chain: understanding the business, managing the people and ensure sustainable and state-of-the-art technology. We're integrating all stakeholders in a seamless process - as prime partner also third-party providers, if necessary.

This - as well as our fixed price approach for all software projects - gives you the assurance of being in control of your budget, your objectives and your timeline.


Success - even in difficult situations!


Project management is a core capability for anyone wanting to survive in the digital world. We at AGILIS believe that project success mainly depends on the right combination of knowledge, method, tools and leadership.

Therefore, we start project management with a thought assessment of the context, requirements, risks and success factors of your endeavour. Depending on the outcome of this analysis, we choose the right project management methodology, select and set up the best tool environment and implement appropriate governance.

However, the final difference is made by people - consequently, the knowledge, skills and personality of our project manager and the members of the support team are of the utmost importance for your success. For this reason, we carefully select the best people for you and prefer to say "no" to an engagement if we cannot guarantee success at 100%.


The right partner for your adventure!


At AGILIS, we are passionate about new entrepreneurial projects. Hence, over the years, we have developed a comprehensive framework to evaluate, strategize and realize innovative ventures in the digital and analogue worlds.

With our solid management and market background, we do not only inspire founders, but accompany them through the entire lifecycle of their project. Thanks to our network, we find at each stage the right operational partners and - if necessary - investors. We identify the critical factors for success and accompany the founders in the background, applying the right methods and tools for the success of the project.

This coaching and execution service can be mandate-based, but we are also willing to invest if we believe in the future of an idea.



Create value: The AGILIS Nursery

Clear Differenciation + Strong Execution = Sustainable Value

At AGILIS, we are helping our customers to become better every day, trying to be the best consultants on the market. However, we are also whole blood entrepreneurs, looking for opportunities and ideas that are waiting to be realized.

At AGILIS, we are helping our customers to become better every day, trying to be the best consultants on the market. However, we are also whole blood entrepreneurs, looking for opportunities and ideas that are waiting to be realized.

Curious to know more? Below are some life projects we're currently working on.Don't hesitate to contact us should you wish take part of one of the adventures or want to propose another one to become reality.


Where to find us:



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Looking for professional fulfilment?

Your future with AGILIS

Looking for a great career in the consulting industry? AGILIS is looking for talented go-getters who are committed to our values of excellence and uncompromising quality. We’re currently looking to fill a variety of roles, so check out the openings below to see if there’s the right fit for you.

An important aspect in consulting is communication. Therefore, one very important requirement for most positions at AGILIS is the ability to express yourself in at least three languages, orally as well as written. The same applies to analytical skills, the ability to see the big picture and to bring things to the point.

All jobs at AGILIS are open to men and women with no difference in remuneration or treatment. AGILIS does not have any age limit - applications from people over 50 are also welcome. All that counts are your personality, your skills, your experience and your motiviation.

Oops - we are all set!

Oops - we are all set!

At the moment our team is complete. But that can change quickly - depending on the project situation and the development of our ventures. Therefore we are always open for unsolicited applications.

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