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Process outsourcing

As consultants, we help our clients to design and implement efficient and agile processes and/or functions. Sometimes our clients have a specific and often urgent need, but neither the time nor the resources for an in-house implementation. If the circumstances are right and the process is within our areas of expertise, we build these processes and/or functions on behalf of our clients and execute them for them - with seamless integration into the client's organisation.

As with all outsourcing, an SLA, performance KPIs and appropriate governance are implemented and remuneration is based on clear criteria - often based on transaction volume.

At the beginning of the mandate, we use our consultancy capabilities to establish all the necessary elements for a successful implementation - including the digital tools. Thereafter, we mobilise the necessary resources and put in place the appropriate teams. This is when the outsourcing can effectively begin. Continuous monitoring ensures a constant increase in efficiency.

At the end of the contract period, the client can either renew the contract or internalise the process or function. In the latter case, AGILIS assists and hands over all the tools and other important elements to the client.

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