Professionalism, judgment, communication, empathy, expert knowledge and accountability: these qualities are crucial for any management consultant. For this reason, we hand-pick our consultants for any engagement and make sure that you are not only getting consulting, but credible consulting.

The answers to your challenges.


While we think that the quality and seniority of the people you will see in our engagements is crucial, we also believe that four, six or eight eyes see more than two. For this reason, each active consultant has a designated mentor and coach who makes sure that you do not only benefit from the skills of a single person, but from the wisdom of an entire organisation.

Finally, organisational knowledge is important to us. For this reason, we emphasize on continually elaborating frameworks, approaches and other assets that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our consulting services. As a customer, you can benefit from this collected knowledge and be sure that you will get best-of-breed advice and action.

There are situations where a crisis, a change or a transition causes a gap at the management level of an organisation. That’s where Interim Management can not only ensure continuity, but also prepare the organisation for the mid- and long-term future.

Ensure continuity - and enable change!


AGILIS has a unique approach for interim management: after an initial 360° assessment of the situation, we select the right heavyweight interim executive manager. He takes full accountability for the task, but he is backed up by a team of proven experts in their respective domains. This collaborative approach has proven being much more sustainable and effective than the assignment of a "lone fighter".

The main objective in interim management is to enable the organisation to rapidly find a permanent manager and to make sure that the state of the organisation is such that a qualified person can initiate a bright journey to the future rather than to cope with the problems of the past.

Software Development and Integration has incredibly evolved since the democratisation of the Personal Computer. Technology has become much more powerful, but complexity has increased even more due to the nature of a connected world.

Efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability!


AGILIS's team has decades of experience in Software Development and implementation and has elaborated an execution framework focusing on the most critical elements of the value chain: understanding the business, managing the people and ensure sustainable and state-of-the-art technology. We're integrating all stakeholders in a seamless process - as prime partner also third-party providers, if necessary.

This - as well as our fixed price approach for all software projects - gives you the assurance of being in control of your budget, your objectives and your timeline.

Project management is a core capability for anyone wanting to survive in the digital world. We at AGILIS believe that project success mainly depends on the right combination of knowledge, method, tools and leadership.

Success - even in difficult situations!


Therefore, we start project management with a thought assessment of the context, requirements, risks and success factors of your endeavour. Depending on the outcome of this analysis, we choose the right project management methodology, select and set up the best tool environment and implement appropriate governance.

However, the final difference is made by people - consequently, the knowledge, skills and personality of our project manager and the members of the support team are of the utmost importance for your success. For this reason, we carefully select the best people for you and prefer to say "no" to an engagement if we cannot guarantee success at 100%.

At AGILIS, we are passionate about new entrepreneurial projects. Hence, over the years, we have developed a comprehensive framework to evaluate, strategize and realize innovative ventures in the digital and analogue worlds.

The right partner for your adventure!


With our solid management and market background, we do not only inspire founders, but accompany them through the entire lifecycle of their project. Thanks to our network, we find at each stage the right operational partners and - if necessary - investors. We identify the critical factors for success and accompany the founders in the background, applying the right methods and tools for the success of the project.

This coaching and execution service can be mandate-based, but we are also willing to invest if we believe in the future of an idea.

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