Develop strategies that work

COVID-19 has made it very clear that the classic predictive and cartesian approach to strategy arrived at its limits and leaves organisations in a fragile state in the case of major external events because of its rigidity.

Modern strategies must not only have a clear view on the main challenges of an organisation and the appropriate measures to handle them, but they also have to focus on adaptability and enable an organisation to continually adapt and convert threats into opportunities.

Why is it important?

Strategies help you to get clarity about your business goals, the reasons behind these goals and the means in which they will be achieved. Strategies must therefore define a clear vision & purpose, an actionable mission, and measurable objectives.

But they must also take into consideration the people and enable a mindset that creates engagement and customer happiness. This requires a particular attention to culture, adaptability, and ability to evolve.

What is our value add?

Whether you need a holistic strategy for your business or clarity about specific aspects like Growth Hacking or Generation Z strategy, AGILIS has a decade-long experience in co-creating strategies with our customers. The result: well-founded, actionable, and successful strategies that give not only vision and momentum, but also adaptability and agility.

We use best-of-breed frameworks and put a particular focus on the identification of appropriate accelerators and levers that will further boost strategy execution and growth.

What is the impact for you?

A robust and solid strategy allows to achieve business goals and predictability, at least during calm times. But it's in turbulent times when strategies show their real value: it's not the instability which is the biggest danger, but the company's reaction to it.

Strong strategies make sure that the logic and the beliefs of yesterday - which will be ineffective - are replaced with an adaptive, forward-thinking response to crisis.

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