The faces behind AGILIS

We function as a team - a team where each and every one of us brings his or her personal touch that makes us who we are. AGILIS' work environment and philosophy are based on collaboration, trust, transparent communication, and… fun! Thanks to the atmosphere we managed to put in place, we truly enjoy working together on challenging projects. Could this be our most important superpower?

  • Christophe


    Founder & Senior Consultant

    Christophe is the Founder and CEO of AGILIS. Holder of a MSc in Global Management, he has 30 years of experience in the Consulting and IT Industry and sets the frame for our success in bringing in his knowledge, network, and drive. As a matter of fact, after having sold the first company he founded in his twenties to an international group after 13 years of operations and joined this group as manager. He held several CEO positions in various countries/regions and has participated in many sizeable transformation, acquisition, and merger projects. In 2016, he decided to return to his initial mission as entrepreneur, combining comprehensive digital knowledge with long-standing business and consulting experience. Christophe is able to conduct engagements in German, French, English and Italian.

    On his spare time, Christophe spends a lot of time on his Mountain Bike, but tries to return not too late, as his other passion is waiting for him at home: cooking.

  • Dominique


    Senior Consultant

    With over 25 years experience in managing human challenges in multiple industries and on all continents, Dominique uses phenomenal collaboration skills that are powerful assets to getting things done in complex and uncertain business environments. Awarded Top Professional Human Resources in 2016 by the IAOTP she is also a Black Belt in Internal Communication. Dominique is able to conduct engagements in French and English.

    Dominique has her own company - - but is part of AGILIS's core team.

    ​On her spare time, Dominique writes best selling books that inspire many.

  • Vindou


    Senior Consultant

    With more than 20 years of experience in managing human challenges in diverse industries and on all continents, Vindou uses her collaborative strength as a powerful tool to deliver diverse projects in complex and uncertain business environments. She is comfortable in both centralised and decentralised or autonomous contexts. As a strategic advisor and consultant, she combines a strategic mindset with a pragmatic working approach. Her strengths are agility, humanity, aadaptability and the ability to manage her projects with positivism, perseverance, and empathy. Vindou is able to conduct engagements in French and English.

    Vindou has her own company - - but is part of AGILIS' core team.

    On her spare time, she teaches in different universities or specialized schools, Unige, CREA, The PowerMba (Spain) and writes articles for one of the most reputable business magazine.

  • Nadia



    Nadia helds a diploma in Hospitlity Management from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, as well as a DAS in Corporate Resilience from the University of Geneva . With a strong Service and People focus, she is polyvalent and polyglot. Highly efficient and with strong communication & project management skills, she has several specialisations: internal communication, engagement programmes in large companies, as well as systemic ecosystem analysis.Nadia is able to conduct engagements in French, English and German.

    If you're looking for her on the weekends - check out the mountains, as she will most probably be climbing or cycling.

  • Pierre



    Pierre has strong analytical skills that are very much valued in the team. His team-spirit, strong communication skills and efficiency makes him a precious member of our team. Holder of a Masters degree in Management from the University of Fribourg, he is a specialist in Strategy, methodology and communication. He has a long-standing experience as facilitator and trainer and is involved in the setup and the execution of mission-critical projects. Pierre is able to conduct engagements in French, English and Spanish.

    In his spare time, Pierre visits regularly the soccer court and loves creating amazing menus from South America.

  • Laurie


    Digital Guru

    Laurie has 20 years of experience as IT architect, IT consultant and Full Stack Developer. He heads all our digital endeavors, be it in projects for customers or to support our team with top-notch digital consulting tools. Besides his contribution to our digital effectiveness, he is also heavily involved in one of our projects in the digital space - - where he successfully leads the international growth of this digital platform for freelancers and project managers.

    In his spare time, Laurie enjoys reading a good book - or looking at a good film - while smoking one of his beloved Cuban Cigars.

  • Apolline


    Junior Consultant

    Despite her young age, Apolline has already extensive experience in HR development practices and organisational development, which she gained within a large national retail organisation. She is also very skilled in Digital Communication and Marketing and brings in the vision and views of Generation Z in our professional engagements. Her views are very precious and allow us to develop intergenerational approaches that will make sure that all generations are in the boat for the projected change.

    If you're looking for her, she will most probably be behind her camera as she is passionate about photography and lifestyle.

  • Pamela


    Head of Sourcing

    Pamela has more than 30 years of experience in Human Resources, recruiting, and staffing. Her great listening skills allow AGILIS to find new people to join the team that match our corporate culture and that are driven by our values and business. Her own superpower: she is able to find a needle in a haystack when it comes to specific profiles.

    Although Pamela has moved around the globe during her life, she is now living in Switzerland. She remains passionate about traveling and loves to discover new places.

  • Svetlana


    Backoffice support

    Originally from Sweden with Hungarian roots, Svetlana has been living in Switzerland for the last 20 years. Her career has led her mainly to the IT and Professional Service Industry, before she joined a not-for-profit association for the promotion of youth research as a project manager - her last position before joining AGILIS. Flexible, reliable, and very service-oriented, she ensures the coordination of our projects and makes sure that everything works out flawlessly. Svetlana speaks German, English, French, Swedish and Hungarian.

    She is not only an amazing yogi, but she also enjoys riding her bike around the beautiful Swiss landscapes.

  • Sya


    Chief Happiness Officer

    She might be old, she might be a bit grumpy from time to time and she might not the most beautiful dog… be we love her very much! She will never be heavier than a German Shepherd, but Sya heavily tips the scale towards happiness within our team.

    When she does not sleep, she transforms into Batman thanks to her large and charming ears.

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