Stable Agility - a condition for sustainable success

Stable Agility

Stable Agility is a term used to describe an organization's ability to stay agile while making long-term decisions. It is an essential condition for sustainable success, as it allows an organization to quickly adapt to changes in their environment while still maintaining a clear vision and strategy.

To achieve stable agility, organizations must focus on developing a culture of continuous learning and experimentation. This means creating an environment where employees are encouraged to try new things, take risks and fail fast in order to find the best solutions. A strong organizational structure is also key, as it allows teams to quickly respond to changing conditions while still keeping the organization's overarching goals in mind. By investing in stable agility, organizations can ensure that they remain agile and adaptive even as their circumstances change, setting them up for long-term success.

Discover the opinion of AGILIS about the stable agility how AGILIS can help customers to achieve this state which leads to efficiency, effectiveness and high resilience.

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