Our Superpowers

Our Superpowers combine experience, skills, attitude and culture. They make sure that your projects will be executed at a high level of expertise, committment and service quality.

We believe in our corporate culture!

A corporate culture focused on people

At AGILIS, we live a strong corporate culture, coherently to the kind of services we propose, based on commonly shared values. The latter means a lot to us as they are based on ethics and humanism.

As a matter of fact, we strongly believe that the individual should be at the center of our preoccupations as it represents the main strength and core asset of a company. Inclusion, diversity, and tolerance are key components of our working environment.

By working in a company with a strong and shared culture, we strengthen the team spirit and deploy the capacity of all the collaborators to its fullest.

We see the big picture AND the details!

Keep the big picture in mind

A change mandate usually has a well-defined scope and requires specific and in-depth knowledge of the concerned topic. At AGILIS, however, we believe that every change must always be placed in the context of the whole - otherwise undesirable side effects are inevitable.

Hence, when confronted with a given problem, we adopt a holistic and long-term view and try to find solutions that bring not only optimal performance for a given task, but perspective to employees, sustainability to customers and long-term benefits for shareholders and investors. We also place special emphasis on understanding the interactions between our project and the other parts of the company. This allows us to work more effectively and efficiently and to shape the change more quickly and sustainably.

Multi-Linguism and Multi-Culturism

Multi-linguism & multi-culturism

At AGILIS, we all come from various backgrounds and various cultures. And you know what? We love it!

It allows us to understand a situation from different cultural points of view and we adapt to many situations by adopting the language that suits best our customers.

Our little secret: we represent all the cultures of Switzerland, and most of us also have international experience. Although it is a tiny country, our capacity to understand the cultural differences of the various regions allows us to act and work in every circumstance. Also, it helps us connect with people and hear what they have to share with understanding and empathy.

We believe in co-creation!

Full focus on Co-Creation

At AGILIS, we seek to create solid, long-term, and tangible solutions for our clients thanks to a collaborative and co-creative process. Hence, while we may bring in expert knowledge about a particular subject either by ourselves or through our trusted partners, we always involve key stakeholders on the customer side.

This ability to enable and empower our customers to acquire new skills and capabilities leads to a virtuous circle that the customer can maintain easily and efficiently once the project ends.

We identify ourselves with our projects!

Commitment for the cause

We sometimes call us "Blue collar consultants" - just because we do not only give advice and make specialist knowledge available to our customers, but we also make sure that the results and the business case are reached.

For this reason, our engagements have four phases - discovery, definition, roll-out and autonomisation. While the first two phases make sure that we are doing the right things, the two last phases are the warranty that the planned results are measured and achieved.

We always think digitally as well.

High digital literacy

Although we focus on management consulting, we have a strong digital DNA and specialists who develop specific digital tools for analysis, data manipulation, control and similar tasks for our consulting mandates. As a result, we have an extensive range of digital tools that we can use in our projects depending on the situation.

This high level of "digital literacy" means that we can carry out our mandates more quickly, efficiently and effectively. And our clients also benefit from our tools after completion, as we make them available at no cost as part of the handover.