Our method

Like any reputable management consultancy, AGILIS has a rich fund of methods for every problem we encounter in our practice. But what sets AGILIS apart from many other management consultancies is the fact that we have a strong focus on preserving the progress made. In other words, we want that at the end of each project our clients are able not only to preserve the results of the transformation, but also to autonomously drive the transformation forward.

Therefore, our generic approach has the following four steps:



Assess the context and set the baseline

Before starting an engagement, it is crucial for us to not only understand the problem, but also the big picture. Hence, we usually start our engagement with a discovery phase. This allows us to propose the best approach possible, to formulate a clear and understandable business case, as well as an inventory of the risks and the appropriate mitigation strategy.

In most cases, we will be able to make a fix-price proposal for the next steps, which gives you additional security about the fulfilment of objectives and the respect of your budget.



Co-Creation of the Change

This is the most crucial phase of any change project - it aims to have a clear and detailed picture of all aspects of the desired change, the path to reach it, as well as a clear picture of the underlying power structures, forces and cultural aspects that may accelerate - or jeopardize - the change.

At AGILIS, we strongly believe in Co-Creation. Hence, our focus lies on the facilitation of the entire process while making available all methods, data and other strategic and operational aspects that may inspire and enrich the process. The latter involves all relevant people, hierarchical levels and geographical locations of the client.

The flexible and inclusive approach of the AGILIS team ensures that the objectives are relevant, support the strategy, and has acceptance amongst all stakeholders, both internal and external, before tackling the implementation phase.



Mobilisation and implementation

Thanks to the effort delivered during the first two phases, the Roll-out is initiated with full awareness of all relevant soft and hard factors related to the objective. The availability of the right skills, methods, and contents at each moment of the progression is ensured by the program management function and supported by our Change Management software platform. Our agile project management methods ensures flexibility and adaptability in case of subsequent external or internal influences.

Regular measuring of progress, evolving internal communication and the inclusion of all concerned stakeholders are key elements of AGILIS' approach. The ultimate goal: to ensure the right amount momentum in the right direction thanks to the mobilization of the people, based on a solid plan that takes into account all technical, organizational and cultural questions.



Training, handover and autonomisation

The final objective of the AGILIS approach is to ensure the autonomy of the organisation in relation to the transformation and to set up a process for the future evolution of the transformation.

The last phase therefore aims to set up a virtuous cycle to protect the investment. Hence, AGILIS passes on, during the perpetuation and autonomisation phase, all the elements - methods, content, tools, training, governance - to its clients to achieve this goal.