Our trustworthy partners

At AGILIS, we strongly believe in the power of networks and ecosystems and we conduct many engagements in close collaboration with our trusted partners. In this way, we ensure that the absolute highest possible expertise is deployed for specific topics. In all cases, the coordination, coordination and project management lies with AGILIS, which also takes responsibility for deadlines, quality and budget.

Our partner network consists of companies with different specialisations and sizes, but they all have something in common: they are among the best in their respective fields and we have absolute trust in their competence and attitude.



    Behavioural profiling, behavioural gap analysis and difficult people behavioural resolution

    ARCOM is a leading-edge specialist in HR profiling, workplace behaviour development, high potential development and HR Difficult People Resolution, able to transfer current scientific findings into the reality of an organisation. We bring ARCOM into the game when we need to understand the underlying reasons for dysfunctional teams or work on the leadership quality of managers.

  • BeyondLegal


    Legal & compliance strategy, Legal & Compliance solutions, Smart Governance

    BeyondLegal offers top-notch consulting for legal & compliance departments and helps them to keep pace with the ever-increasing speed and the growing complexity of today's business. We call on Beyondlegal when we need to include legal & compliance departments in our Change Projects, when we need expert advice on governance, or when it is necessary to simplify legal procedures and documents in the context of user experience.

  • Point North

    Point North

    Workplace Culture, HR Strategy, Employer Brand

    PointNorth was founded by Dominique Ben Dhaou, former head of HR at Société de Surveillance Générale with almost 90'000 employees in 90 countries - and a leading specialist when it comes to HR issues and their translation into business reality. We call on Point NOrtn when we want to strengthen our team with valued facilitators or when we need HR expertise in specific areas.

  • The next Step

    The Next Step

    Employee Experience, Leadership and Executive development, Team Alignment and Effectiveness

    "The Next Step" was founded by Vindou Duc, seasoned HR professional and former CPO of a company with 250'000 employees. Her experience is recognised, amongst other, by various business schools and universities who call on her as lecturer. On our side, we call on "The Next Step" when our projects require specialist HR knowledge and an efficient change agent for HR departments.

  • Staufen Inova

    Staufen Inova

    Innovation & Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics, Digital & Information Management

    For 30 years, Staufen.Inova AG has been one of the leading international consulting firms for supply chain management and transformation. Among other things, Staufen.Inova is a proven specialist in the optimisation of value creation and management processes. We turn to Staufen.Inova when we are confronted with complex process optimisations in our projects where profound industry knowledge is necessary."

  • Whealthness


    Employee Wellbeing, Work-Life-Balance, Corporate Health Management

    Whealthness is driven by Ellen Kocher, a confirmed professional in the space of workplace wellbeing and Corporate Health Management. Ellen has wealth of experience and certifications in this space and collaborates closely with SanteSuisse. We call on Whealthness when our projects requierd Wellbeing coaching or expert advice regarding CHM.