Bringing ChatGPT to Daily Workflows

Increasing efficiency in the preparation of ad collaterals for property sales
Imagine a real estate firm handling hundreds of properties efficiently, where AI transforms detailed descriptions thanks to quality and speed into a competitive advantage. This is no longer a vision; it's a reality with AGILIS's innovative AI integration.

The property market is highly competitive and requires not only exceptional customer service, but also precision and efficiency in every aspect of the work. This is particularly true of sales activities - where AGILIS has created a small revolution for a major estate agent through the fully automated integration of ChatGPT. The integration has not only streamlined processes, but also improved the quality and accuracy of property descriptions. The system can be described as follows:

  • Step 1: The basic data about the properties (type of property, number of rooms, size, attributes, etc.) is stored in a structured database. Together with precise, property-specific instructions based on various patterns, these are converted into a highly effective prompt, which is then transferred to the ChatGPT API.

  • Step 2: ChatGPT then generates a machine-readable output, which is transferred to the central system developed by AGILIS. The various text elements and other metadata are then grouped for different purposes.

  • Step 3: The various formats (sales brochure, adverts, social media posts, etc.) are then generated in a preview version and an AI-supported completeness and plannability check is carried out.

  • Step 4: The next step is for the content to be validated by the relevant employees (head of sales & responsible broker). This is done via a fully automated workflow.

  • Step 5: After validation, all formats are generated fully automatically and transferred to the relevant systems (property platforms, CRM, social media publication platforms, etc.).

This automated use of AI has led to a drastic reduction in time and labour for the real estate agent. Previously, manually creating and updating descriptions required many hours of labour from multiple team members. Now, the time spent has been reduced by more than 90%, allowing staff to focus on more strategic tasks such as customer retention and service improvement.

In addition, AGILIS’ approach not only focuses on the technological implementation, but also takes into account the human aspect of operations. The final human validation ensures that each description is given a personal touch, which is crucial for maintaining customer relationships and trust. This balanced approach between automation and human control exemplifies the philosophy of integrating technology to increase efficiency while retaining essential human elements.

AGILIS’ implementation of ChatGPT in the property sector is an example of AI’s potential to transform industries. By automating routine tasks and improving the accuracy and attractiveness of property listings, AGILIS has enabled the real estate agent to achieve higher productivity, better customer satisfaction and ultimately a stronger competitive advantage in the market.

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Christophe Berger
Christophe is founder and CEO of AGILIS. Besides his work as consultant and manager, he is always observing the business word and adores commenting on subject that seem relevant to him.